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The best LiveJournal client for the best Operating System.

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Xjournal is a feature-rich, free and open source LiveJournal client for Mac OS X.

Getting Xjournal:
If you have a Mac running Mac OS X 10.3 or later and would like to use the most powerful client on the planet to manage your LiveJournal account(s), you are in luck!  Xjournal is free to download and use and you can do so here.

Xjournal Features:
Xjournal has many exciting features, including some firsts for a LiveJournal client on Mac OS X:
Universal Binary
Version 1.0.5 will now run natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

Offline Mode
For those of you who travel a great deal or have otherwise spotty network availability, Xjournal supports an offline mode of operation.  You can create multiple entries to work on them simultaneously and you can save entries to disk and work on them later.

History Browser
The History browser allows you to browse through your entire history of LiveJournal entries, for viewing and editing in Xjournal.  We even give you links to open them in your browser for viewing or editing.

Poll Builder
Xjournal has a built-in tool for creating LiveJournal polls.

Glossary and Bookmarks
Xjournal allows you to store text snippets and access your Safari bookmarks for quick drag and drop access.

Friends Support
You can edit your friends and friend groups in Xjournal.

Xjournal Support:
Xjournal is a free product.  User support is available to users through the Xjournal community on LiveJournal.

How To Help Us Make Xjournal Great:
If you would like to get involved in the development of this fantastic open source product, please visit the SourceForge Project Page to see what needs to be done.

If you find a bug in Xjournal, please report it.


Thanks are due to the following people:

fraserspeirs: father of all Xjournal development
lordandrei: for leading development
atl, for help and encouragment and all sorts...
benzado, for LJKit
seattlesparks for development
micah_gideon for QA, PR and aspirations of development
gwynn_aaron for the app icon and other Xjournal graphics
xmusouka for documentation
…and to all the donors.


Xjournal comes with no warranty of any description, and I assume no responsibility for any adverse effects on your system. This is beta software, and as such is likely to contain bugs. Use Xjournal at your own risk.

Please note: Xjournal is not affiliated with or endorsed by www.x-journal.com

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